Marijuana: The Ultimate Green Juice Secret Ingredient?

by Millie Moore · March 9, 2017

    Yes, you read that correctly. Sure, you may have thrown away your bong now that you're no longer hanging out with your boyfriend in his college dorm adorned with Grateful Dead tapestries while listening to his ultimate frisbee buddy's shitty Soundcloud. But that doesn't mean you can't indulge in the green stuff like the Goop-loving, SoulCycling, life-together adult that you are. Throw that ish in your morning juice!

    Cannabis juice isn't made from the bud you buy from your dealer, but rather from the leaves growers and trimmers discard. Sugar leaves, fan leaves, and broad leaves from marijuana farms are often tossed away and by using them for cannabis juice instead, you can not only reap the benefits of this superfood, but you're helping minimizing waste as well. 

    There's no doubt smoking weed for its medicinal properties has its benefits, including combating anxiety, preventing Alzheimer's, and alleviating PMS. Juicing it, however, reaps a whole different set of benefits because marijuana is actually loaded with nutrients. However, these nutrients are lost in the smoking or vaping process. Heralded by some medical experts as "the most important vegetable on the planet" (no, seriously), juiced weed has been known to ameliorate the immune system, enhances neural function, and has anti-inflammatory benefits as well. The upside or downside, depending on who you are, is that juicing cannabis doesn't even get you that high. So what better way to rise and grind with some cannabis, cucumber, and ginger juice? Talk about taking wake and bake to a whole new level!

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