Want abs like Gigi? A butt like Sofia Vergara? Arms like Cameron Diaz? It's not totally impossible. While yes, we have to admit that the Hadid gene pool is definitely an advantage, our beloved celebs don't get their perfectly sculpted bodies just from lying around. With over a month left of summer, it's not too late to get the beach bod you told yourself you'd have by June.

If you're like me then you probably watch the Victoria's Secret fashion show with a pint of ice cream in hand, hating life, wondering *Whyyyyyy can't I have those legs* and obviously promising yourself that the juice cleanse/diet/never-eating-again will start tomorrow. These athletic trainers have revealed their secret tips for how our favorite celebs get their picture perfect bods. Stop the self-hating and start sweating because sitting on your butt isn't getting you anywhere.

[Photo via @gigihadid]