How Cool Would It Be To Work Out With Steve Aoki?

by Christie Grimm · March 15, 2019

    Ever wonder how the world's most recognized DJ stays so fit? Well, it's not all just from running around the world doing his classic jump move.

    Well, now you can see firsthand. Digital fitness platform NEOU has chosen Steve Aoki as their latest influencer partner, working together to launch AOKI Bootcamp. A high-intensity, on-the-go body weight based workout that can be done anywhere - no equipment necessary. You know it's also going to have a kickass playlist.

    After all, for Aoki, convenience is key. “I have spent a lot of my life on the road touring. Finding the time to workout hasn’t always been easy. What’s different about my bootcamp is that you don’t need a lot of time, or space, to achieve a productive workout.”

    While you may not be on your own personal world tour, who doesn't need a mobile and portable routine they can bring with carry with them everywhere?

    Be sure to join NEOU before May 1st qualify to grab their limited time offer of $7.99/month or $79.99/year with a two-week free trial!