You Have Not Lived Until You've Been Professionally Stretched

by Christie Grimm · March 5, 2019

    So many wellness trends, so little time. That's how I often feel when confronted with the overwhelming number of new treatments, classes, and fads that seem to sprout overnight. 

    Personally, I prefer the simple life. Give me a treadmill, a Fithouse Barre classa chic pair of wrist weights and I'm good to go. However, upon hearing about Stretch*d, I knew I could find some room in my ultra minimal program.

    From the Founder of SLT, Amanda Freeman, and wellness world pro, Vanessa Chu, comes the must-try service you never knew you needed. If you think you're flexible, just wait. And if you know you're not, there's nowhere to go but up! 

    This is no slow yoga class of downward dogs, nor your usual HIIT class cool down. Stretch*d offers one-on-one full body sessions in which their certified Stretchers will lengthen you out and loosen you up. Truly, you have not lived until you've been belted to a table, stretched like a piece of taffy, and twisted like a pretzel. 

    Fancying myself a pretty flexible person, I brought my husband along for the trip to make things more entertaining. Considering he hasn't touched his toes in around 30 years, I figured he'd benefit far more than I. But, much to my surprise, where his muscles had a serious eye-opening moment as to the sad, stiff world they've been living in, I too had my fair share of "what the?" muscular reactions.

    As Cofounder Vanessa Chu says, stretching is "the flossing of fitness." Everyone knows it's the best thing for you, but absolutely no one is living up to anywhere near their full potential. So really, outsourcing it to a really tall, really strong dude like David is probably the most responsible, and easiest thing you could do, no?

    [Photo via @stretchdspace]