With all of the ever-changing, ever-complicated options available, you'd have to be a full time professional to navigate the world of wellness these days. Should you try acupuncture? What about CBD oil, or Thai Massage? Luckily, for those unwilling to make a career switch, there's a team already in place waiting to help make your life far easier than you'd ever imagine it could be.

Julie Wald is the Founder and Chief Wellness Officer of Namaste NY, a wellness concierge service that curates, organizes and tracks personalized in-home fitness and wellness treatments specific to your needs. No excuse for missing that Pilates class when the instructor's coming to you!

One of the city's most knowledgeable gurus, she's seen it all in terms of people looking to change up their routine and enhance their quality of life.

"Self-care is taking time to nurture our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It's an investment in ourselves that comes from greater health and happiness. When we have the right ingredients in our daily lives, we show up with greater compassion, strength, authenticity, focus, clarity and creativity."

At Namaste NY, they divide self-care into four pillars: Stillness, Nourishment, Movement and Touch. The intention? To create a balanced inner-ecosystem via practices that will holistically serve you. Click through for Julie's top tips for strengthening the role these four pillars play in your life!