Weight-Loss Plateau? Try Acupuncture!

As a supporter of western medicine I started out skeptical of acupuncture. As if sticking needles in my body would help me lose weight (thank you lobster rolls), get rid of my acne (thank you bad luck), have no shoulder pain (thank you giant handbag) and make my boobs bigger (thank you genetics).

Putting my skepticism aside, I decided to try acupuncture because I was tired of working out violently without any change in my body, wasting money on ineffective facials, and taking ibuprofen excessively and probably damaging my liver in the process. Before you quickly scroll away because you have a phobia of needles, let me tell you that brushing your hair the morning after a Saturday night out hurts more than this. Way more. In fact, you don’t feel a thing. Click through to find out what this craziness really is.

[Photo via @justbosschicks]