Are you a barre purist? A dedicated yogi? An adrenaline-addicted HIIT fanatic? Or, depending on your mood, all of the above? Welcome to your new favorite gym.

For the second time in less than six months, Fithouse (fittingly known as "the all class club") has unveiled a swanky new location in Manhattan and every Insta-famous fitchick you know is already booking her classes there.

Boasting two floors, three studios (including a heated one), and over 100 workouts per week, it's no wonder the flagship location off Union Square has garnered the attention of over 500 new members in its opening weekend alone. Combined with the diversity of class types (barre, bounce, dance, HIIT, sculpt, and yoga) and instructors' notoriously noteworthy energizing playlists, it's the ultimate spot to sweat and be seen. Most times, a sesh here feels more like a party, thanks, especially, to the funky neon lighting.

Spread across 6,400 square feet, the one-stop shop also provides luxe showers, private changing areas, lockers equipped with charging stations, and a full refresh bar. And we haven't even gotten to the best part: unlimited class memberships are just $189/month. Which, if you've ever hit a boutique studio in NYC before, you know is practically unheard of.

Click through for an inside look and book a class HERE!

Fithouse Union Square, 20 West 14th Street

[Photos courtesy Fithouse]