Fitness Friday: Hannah Bronfman and Jamie Chung

We love our supermodel friends. But we also appreciate all of our other beautiful friends who are fit and fierce. Tuesday night, we danced with petite actress Jamie Chung at model/DJ Hannah Bronfman's Beyoncé-themed dance class to celebrate intimate line aerie’s #aerieREAL campaign's one-year anniversary at DavidBartonGym. Hannah co-taught confident, sassy moves with Mitchell Wayne while playing Queen Bey’s “Run the World (Girls).” Can we just say how focused and stylish she is when dancing like an absolute star? (Check her out!) And her curvy, toned body is gorgeous. Click through for #FitnessFriday fitspiration to get yourself movin', then share this story to support women of all body types!

[Cover photo via @hannahbronfman]