So here's a sentence we never thought we'd say: Gwyneth Paltrow is in a feud with NASA. No, that's not a euphemism for some shaman excursion or detox retreat gone wrong, we mean the National Aeronautics and Space Administration had the audacity to come out and disparage the patron saint of white girls. Goop, Gwyneth's lifestyle website, has been shilling these $120 stickers called "Body Vibes," which have bio-frequency technology derived from astronaut suits in order to reduce anxiety, boost moods, give users "unicorn skin," and beauty sleep. But NASA said these stickers are no different than Lisa Frank stickers and are so not worthy of the hefty price tag.

Oh Gwyneth, you truly are a piece of work. We love her and all, but some of the stuff she's selling so many medical experts, and now space experts, just ain't buying. She definitely has the inflated ego and superficial sense of introspection of a trust fund baby who just got back from a NOLS trip who still has no idea how the world actually works. And we love her for it, and still want to try her crazy rituals, even though we can't help but think she's trolling us now. Click through to see if you can figure out which "New Age regimen" we're describing to you is something Gwyneth has hawked, or if it's a total lie.

[Photo via @goop]