Even before the world started slowing down and "self-care" became everybody's necessary hobby at home, social scene staple, DJ, and all-around It Girl Hannah Bronfman has always managed to find the time for wellness. Not only did she launch her own website, HBFIT, dedicated to health, beauty, and fitness, she also literally wrote the book on feeling your best. So it's no surprise that in the midst of collective anxiety, Bronfman has already perfected her quarantine routine - and has got just the thing to help us share in the zen. 

This summer, she teamed up with premium CBD brand Highline Wellness for a holistic addition to everyone's self-care checklist: a calming CBD bath bomb worth soaking in - in every sense. Beyond simply adding a sense of luxury to your DIY spa setup, the all-natural must-have boasts rich essential oils, botanicals, minerals, and Hemp-derived cannabidiol which all work together to reduce inflammation, nourish and hyrdrate skin, and banish tension, fatigue, and stress (you know, the things you feel after spending five minutes looking at your phone these days?).

In addition to inspiring wellness and relaxation during these stressful times, Bronfman and Highline saw this collab as a meaningful way to give back to the community. A portion of each sale benefits racial justice groups including CampaignZero, ACLU, Equal Justice Initiative, and the NAACP, while Highline has continued to send product to frontline workers battling the pandemic. 

"After meeting with Hannah in 2019, it was clear how passionate she was about wellness, and specifically the bath bomb. For us, it was a no-brainer - Hannah represents everything we look for in partners," says Chris Roth, Founder and CEO of Highline Wellness. "She has a true connection with her community, she's a thought-leader in the wellness industry, and most importantly, she uses her platform to do good. This product launch is unique; we worked directly with Hannah to quickly pivot the launch from early June to late June to allow ourselves time to better understand how Highline Wellness can implement changes to further progress equality, not only on this launch, but in everything that we do."

In the midst of not one, but two exciting announcements from Hannah this summer (she's also expecting!), we caught up with the cool girl guru to talk CBD, self-care, and her new favorite bath time essential.

[Photos courtesy Highline Wellness]