Make 100 Masks & Lingua Franca Will Gift You A Free Cashmere Sweater!

by Christie Grimm · March 27, 2020

    Have you been spending your days sitting around at home, watching the news, twiddling your thumbs feeling hopeless, wishing there was something you could do to help?

    Well, there is!

    This afternoon at 2PM EST Lingua Franca is going live on Zoom to teach you exactly how you can make a face mask (for you, your loved ones and medical professionals!). Click here to join them!

    Whether you're working on a sewing machine, or stitching by hand, all you need is a piece of fabric, an elastic band (or ribbon, or shoelace even!). Just work off of their helpful template, which shows you the shapes and sizes you'll be cutting. 

    For those looking to really make the most of their newfound downtime, if you make 100 masks, and send them to Lingua Franca, they'll send you one of their cashmere sweaters as a thank you in return for your hard work!

    Can't make the Zoom party? Check out their mask tutorial below! Also, how cool is their Head Designer Deedee?!?