Is This The Next Big Thing In Juice?

by Christie Grimm · April 25, 2016

    Just a few weeks back, stepping out of my apartment, I made a right on Prince Street instead of a left. Crazy. Insane, Life changing. I know. Aside from learning that it's apparently been a bit since I properly Soho strolled, I also learned that oblivious me was now spitting distance from a suspiciously popular new spot. Like, I'm talking first few weeks of by CHLOE. popular. The new cool kid in town's name? Joe & The Juice.

    Deeper research into said newly stumbled upon phenomenon showed that juicing has maybe never been more fun. What Juice Press offers in colon cleaning, sterilized, look-at-me-I'm-high-and-mighty-on-kale-spit design, the far more casual Joe & The Juice is like the younger Skando sibling (this shit is already all over Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and all of those other fake countries). Same genes, but more fun. 

    How much more fun? There's a photo booth in the back of the store. They've an open-air store front with outdoor seating. The latte art is on point. The juices (which come in little domed Frappuccino to-go cups, because that is not not a fun thing) are so colorful you'll be staining toilettes rainbow all over town. AND - for a bizarre, completely unexpected turn as far as health focused juice pedaling places go, salads are nowhere to be found. Only sandwiches. Glory to Joe in the highest, and bread to his people on Earth!

    With two spots south of Houston, and as of just a few days ago, a place in Bryant Park - we've a feeling this place is going to become a thing. And soon. 

    So quick, go now - get a juice and get a photo before everyone else goes so of course you start to hate it!

    [Photos via @kendallgregory, @joeandthejuice]