Lo Bosworth Wants You To Treat Your V This V-Day

by Stephanie Maida · February 14, 2019

    They don't call it "V-Day" for nothin'.

    Today is all about treating the ones you love and ladies, we know you love your V. So why not treat her to some natural, doctor-approved products that will keep her feeling her best? Lo Bosworth, everyone's favorite former cast member on The Hills, has since become quite a guru when it comes to all things wellness. In fact, she recently launched Love Wellness, a line of supplements and personal care items aimed towards women.

    Besides supplements which promote glowing skin, better digestion, and a more restful sleep, Love Wellness features a selection of vaginal health and feminine hygiene products, from The Killer (to treat yeast infections) to a pH-Balancing Cleanser and daily Probiotics meant to maintain your vaginal flora and acidic pH. There are even on-the-go wipes for when you decide to go on that last-minute date (ahem).

    Think of these essentials as a box of chocolates for your vagina, and shop them HERE.

    Below, we asked Lo all about Love Wellness, and why we shouldn't be embarrassed to talk about vaginal care.

    What led you to include feminine care products in your new wellness line?

    Women deserve natural, safe, doctor-recommended personal care products that are body-positive and presented with a female-first voice. The traditional offerings are completely archaic in that regard, from their packaging and anti-feminist messaging, to the cheap chemicals formulated into the products. We've changed the experience of consuming products of this nature from one that feels shameful to one that empowers women to take good care of their bodies. We see customers on social media proudly displaying Love Wellness products on their bathroom shelves instead of hiding them in the deep corners of their bathrooms. That's powerful!

    Do you think there’s been a stigma or some sense of embarrassment when discussing V health? Have you noticed the conversation shifting to become a more open and normal discussion among women?

    The conversation has absolutely shifted in the past few years due to emerging FemTech brands like Love Wellness, Thinx, and Lola Tampons that lift women up in a very direct way. We've seen that by seeding these body-positive conversations more women become comfortable with what they've previously seen as a stigma, or been made to feel embarrassed by, and then spread these conversations within their own communities. It's really been a grass-roots, word-of-mouth effort started by small brands that have become significant players in the space due to the simple fact that women like what we have to say.

    [Photos via @lovewellness, @lobosworth]