DanceBody Founder and CEO, Katia Pryce, knows all the right moves... and believe it or not, she can get you doing them too! Her motto? "You don’t have to be a dancer to look like one."

Inspired by her dance background, Katia's created one of the hottest, dance-inspired workouts around (and if her insane body's any indication, you can trust this stuff works!). She focuses on getting your body to move in new ways, working muscles you didn’t know existed, to get results you can’t believe... just ask Molly Sims!

Classes are a combination of dance cardio and sculpting to motivating playlists - they don’t do boring. Book a class at one of their locations in NYC (NoMad, TriBeCa, UWS, UES) with the promo code DBGUEST and try it FREE - you won’t be disappointed.

Or, join from anywhere on DanceBody@Home, their online workouts. Try it FREE with promo code DBGUEST

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