The Ultimate At-Home Cardio Secret Weapon? A Trampoline!

by Stephanie Maida · January 4, 2021

    Right now, literally as I type, I'm drenched. I'm also panting like I just finished the last leg of a marathon, or successfully scoured a sample sale that was open to the public. And technically, I'm only 12 minutes into my favorite at-home workout (don't tell Colette, the instructor currently frozen midair on my screen, that I pressed pause). Such is the experience of bouncing with "the ness." Despite being both lowercase and low-impact, the It-Girl fitness favorite, which made its debut in 2019, certainly packs a high-energy punch - one that's kept me sane and sweaty since the very beginning of quarantine.

    Even in the before times, getting in that illusive, ideal level of cardio without having to pound the pavement (literally) was a feat. But the ness's signature secret weapon, both in-studio and now, at home, gets your heart pumping, lymphatic system blazing, and your muscles toning, all while going easy on your joints. The best part? It only requires a few feet of space, which, if you've taken to working out in your NYC apartment, is probably all you've got.

    I am, of course, talking about the mini-trampoline. Also called a rebounder, the fitness essential is the perfect all-in-one for those of us who've retreated inside because of the colder weather, and, you know, that whole pandemic thing. 

    A tried-and-true method beloved by A-listers from Goldie Hawn to Gwyneth Paltrow, the ness may not have invented rebounding, but founders Colette Dong, Aly Giampolo, and Dria Murphy certainly gave it an upgrade, with beat-based choreography and targeted moves that work your whole body in just one session. 

    Since pivoting to their digital studio back when restrictions on fitness studios began, the ness team has kept its loyal practitioners on their heels (that's a bounce joke) with an endless stream of new workouts and programs including bounce, tone, and full wellness resets. And with the new year comes a much-awaited new offering: their very own branded trampoline!

    Teaming up with JumpSport, the premier purveyor of fitness rebounders, the ness has unveiled its chic take on the home-bounce must-have, featuring a solid bronze frame (perfect as an accent piece), adjustable cords for different firmness settings, and arched legs complete with silicone caps to ensure scratch-free use on your precious flooring. Basically, they've thought of everything. 

    "JumpSport is the leader and top-innovator in personal fitness trampolines with every trampoline manufacturer in the world using their technology, so it was an ideal collaboration," says the ness co-founder Dria Murphy. 

    If you're looking to get an actual jump-start on any wellness resolutions this year, shop the ness trampoline HERE and get moving with the ness digital

    OK *deep breath* back to bouncing...

    [Photos via @thenessnyc]