It's a wellness obsessed world, and we're all just living in it. Sweating on a treadmill, drinking our celery juice. (Just kidding - I would never, ever drink celery juice - not if you told me I'd live forever, and look 25 the whole time). But for the busy New Yorker, where time is money, and money is reserved for important things like avocado toast brunches, keeping up with your fitness regimen isn't always easy to schedule. 

Since God knows you spend a silly amount of time crossing town and sitting in traffic, Uber has teamed up with Adidas and professional fit girls Megan Roup and Hannah Bronfman to create the first ever Uber fitness guide. A series of moves designed to maximize your riding time with a sculpting and toning routine that's seatbelt-certified.

Click through for a simple step by step look!

[Photo via @hannahbronfman]