In most high-octane American cities, the law of the land states (more or less), that those who are not constantly hustling, are not trying to succeed. Needless to say, all that pressure leads to quite the stressful lifestyle. We mean, have you ever met a calm New Yorker?

Surprisingly enough, however, there are plenty of major metropolises across the world that are actually pretty zen about the whole "life" thing. Not surprisingly, most of them are in Europe. Zipjet recently released their list of 2017's least stressed-out urbanites and the only U.S. city to break the top 20 is Seattle. After all, they did invent the go-to haven for chillaxed coffeeshop writers - Starbucks.

Click through for the 10 places we're about one mental breakdown away from moving to forever.

[Photo via @chloe_bh]