The Live Streaming Fitness Classes You So Need In Your Life

by Christie Grimm · March 27, 2018

    You people who leave your apartment to go to the gym or empty your bank account on the latest trendy fitness-esque class du jour, all before coming home, taking a shower, doing your hair, and popping off to clock in at work - no one likes you.

    Making the time for fitness should not be a physical or time inconvenience. And it shouldn't be as boring or archaic as stockpiling Tae Bo style workout dvds to pop in and jump along to time after time.

    All of this and more, the newly launched obé (Our Body Electric), has aimed to seamlessly solve and address. Definitely not your mom's workout tape, these live stream classes take place every morning, 7 days a week. No equipment necessary - other than a laptop. Strength classes designed to define, circuits that will make you sweat, dance classes, sculpt classes, you've your wide pick of options, 28 minutes each. 

    All the feel and motivation of a live class, from the comfort of, well, anywhere! Your bedroom floor, an empty conference room, hotel gym, stranger's apartment - we're not here to judge.

    Within thirty seconds of logging on for my first class, the instructor called me out. "Hey Christie from New York - you got this!" And to be real, if I didn't have a piece of tape across my laptop camera a la Mark Zuckerberg, I would have had a serious what-the-fuck moment. But alas, they're not spying on you (though honestly, someone somewhere is, so why do you not have tape over your camera!!!!!), just offering an authentic extra bit of motivation so often eye-rollingly feigned by pre-taped workouts.

    And the fact that you'll get a shout out isn't all that makes their workouts unique. The setting itself is like a dreamy millennial daydream, filmed in a pastel, neon-lit light box. 

    All we're saying is in a world where $30 won't even get you in the door of most studios for a single class, paying just $28 a month for an unlimited stream of fitness content is a pretty obvious deal to take. Even if working out at home means figuring out how to deal with your 60 pound yellow lab feeling the need to sit 2 inches from you the entire time, moving only to make sure she gets more in the way. But hey - just an added level of difficulty!

    How low can you go? ⭐️: @katielakotko
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