Where Are All The Cool Kids Going For Their Rapid COVID Tests?

by Raya O'Neal · November 14, 2020

    If you've been following just about any influencer over the past few months, surely you must have seen their disclaimers and follow-ups justifying any partying or non-pandemic-proof behavior by assuring their followers that "everyone got a rapid test" beforehand. So where is this cool kid COVID-testing oasis? 

    Well, if it's not on-site at whatever soiree they're hosting, chances are they're going to this place. Behold, Rapid Test NYC. A swankier alternative to City MD, the shiny spot offers three different tests with results in as little as 15 minutes, along with, fittingly enough for this crowd, "Frequent flyer" packages with discounts, in case you have to get tested often for work, school, travel, or let's be real, play. Using the most most accurate rapid test machine on the market (over 95% accuracy) they are certainly striving to make safety a priority while providing, according to their reviews, literal five-star service.

    As if COVID isn't enough, Flu Season is upon us too, so it's also your one-stop shop for flu shots. All receipts will be supplied for insurance carriers so you can try getting reimbursed for any tests.

    Friendly reminder for everyone, COVID-19 ISN'T GOING AWAY SOON. If you're young, hip, and cool, your ass needs a test. Who knows, you may even run into your favorite Instagram celebutante.

    Rapid Test NYC

    232 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012

    (917) 983-2560