The New NYC Market Serving Up CBD Boosted Smoothies

by Christie Grimm · July 11, 2018

    Bougie markets / uber healthy cafes are becoming a dime a dozen in New York. But that being said, God knows there's still plenty of creative avenues left to be explored.

    And Midtown East's newly opened Clean Market has done just that. Part market, part tonic bar, this sure to be health hot spot has a long list of tasty superfood smoothies to choose from, and an even longer list of add-on boosters. Throw in a shot of everything from probiotics to ground chia, from blue majik (?) to pearl (again, ?). Or for those of you more adventurous smoothie enthusiasts, there's their most intriguing, eyebrow raising booster - CBD.

    Basically a superfood on its own these days, CBD oil is everywhere. Even on your hotel room service menu. Well, that's one way to chill out, no?

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