In recent years, New York has seen a boom in boutique fitness studios thanks to an increasing cultural shift towards "wellness." Wearing workout clothes to brunch (or leggings as pants) is no longer taboo - in fact, it's practically a status symbol. As is where you choose to sweat. But even the trendiest studios with A-list cult followings have taken to jam-packing their classes in order to get more bang for, well, our bucks. The instructors can barely see you, and whatever zen you found during your workout is quickly lost in the locker room rush. We mean, you can't even take a #humblebrag selfie in peace.

At the ness (no caps, please), this issue doesn't exist. A self-proclaimed "boutique" boutique studio, the recently opened destination in Soho is as exclusive as exclusive can get, all in the name of community. 

For founders Colette Dong, Aly Giampolo, and Dria Murphy, fitness is a form of meditation, and you can't really get into the zone when the room is so packed you barely have your own personal space to move in. Which is why they keep things intimate. Like, really intimate. Each class (either cardio bounce or sculpt) is capped at 12 people, and you can't even sign up unless you've been recommended by another ness frequenter.

Unlike most hot spots with a tight list, however, this isn't about exclusion. In fact, it's the ideal way to be welcoming. After a visit or two, instructors, including Giampolo and Dong, know you by name, and they're able to personally encourage you or fix your form during class. You recognize your classmates, and it really starts to feel like a community you can breathe in. No wonder so many like-minded creatives and fashionistas have already come together for the experience.

Click through for an inside look at the ness and to learn more from the founders. And don't worry, newcomers can sign up for access on the wait list HERE!