By now we're all eye-rollingly familiar with the Rich Kids of New York and the Hamptons, but a new Instagram account documenting the lives of international playboys (and playgirls) makes even the Rich Kids of Russia seem innocuous. 

Introducing The Luxury Kids, spoiled brats from around the world who pour champagne in their Lucky Charms, play with pet tigers, and have no problem calling everyone else in the world "peasants." They lead a life of private jets and exotic cars, of VOSS water in their toilets, and, of course, of ridiculous shopping sprees. Sure, we're jealous, but we're also terrified because they're obviously all a part of the Illuminati and will soon be ruling the world.

A few faces that make appearances on the account? Tom Claeren of Monte Carlo, who thinks he is James Bond, Kristina Melnichenko of Los Angeles, who is probably related to a Russian businessman, and Dave Sullivan Jr., the son of a London-based billionaire.

Click through for a look at their ridiculously wealthy lives.

[Photos via @theluxurykids]