Combine a button down, a pair of slacks, and a fleece vest, and you get what's been coined the "Midtown Uniform." There's the crisp dress shirt: almost always white or blue, with the sporadic pink or gingham. The slacks are a solid navy or khaki (most likely from J. Crew or, in an absolute plummeting-stock scenario - Dockers). And of course, the finance bro fashion investment of choice: a vest, most likely Patagonia, and in the preferred color shade of "nickel" grey, with blue or black as solid grab-and-go options.

The bros, named Chad, Brad, or Barron, are likely to hit you up at 2 am, weeks after you called them out for trying to sleep with your friend. They've become so accustomed to frat boy culture that they can only survive in the testosterone-filled offices of Midtown and FiDi. They think women care about their day-to-day deals, or worse, think we couldn't understand them. 

Thanks to our new favorite Instagram account, @MidtownUniform, these vest-loving, Patrick Bateman-idolizing D-bags are getting the call-out they deserve. Providing a stream of visual case studies, along with too-true captions that will make you laugh so hard you'll choke on your kale salad, @MidtownUniform unapologetically captures the essence of these ubiquitous bros.

Wolves of Wall Street and Midtown Marketers, beware -  you may find yourself among the laughing (penny) stock. 

Click through for the funniest snaps, and don't forget to submit your own when you spot a vest in the wild.

[Photos via @MidtownUniform]