Wouldn't it be nice to have one less thing to worry about everyday? Especially something as menial as a cohesive Instagram feed. Everyone isn't social media savvy, but in today's day and age, our digital identity acts as an additional resume for our achievements. In essence, your Instagram should show off how badass you are in addition to how much you can offer.

Until now, you've only had the option of hiring an expensive brand consultant who would cost a fortune to run your digital media presence. The newly-launched app SelfMade is here to change that. 

I've been using SelfMade's Instagram editing app, designed to get you the most 'gram-worthy photo every time, for about a week. It has morphed photos that would've gone right toward the delete button into works of art, removing cluttering people from the background, and finely-tuning my artistic expression in a way I didn't think possible. 

I may be an Insta-savvy gal, sharing tips like "6 Influencer Secrets for Promoting Your Instagram" and "5 Photo Apps That Will Up Your Insta Game," but Brian Schechter (the co-founder and CEO of SelfMade) has schooled even me.

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[Photo via @sincerelyjules]