We love Jack Schlossberg. To have any feeling other than love for a young Kennedy scion would be just plain un-American. We've been there since he made his dashing media debut on the Today Show, and when he celebrated everything great about this country by doing a shirtless split on the beach. And though love be mostly blind, sometimes a social media red flag is big enough to make an exception. 

One quick look at @jackuno's Instagram account will definitely have you curious for more. A man of many questions, Mr. Schlossberg's penchant for definitions and differences is bizarrely impressive, if not exhausting. And his accompanying captions? Head scratching. Dude is hot as hell, but he's also weird as f*ck. Weird in a still cute, charming, High School Musical jock who can get away with anything because of his genetic level of undeniable cool-ness way, but still. We invite you to investigate for yourself. LFG?

[Photo via @jackuno]