Surprise! Our tween pop star dreams are coming true. No, not the ones starring Justin Timberlake (unfortunately), but this is close enough. Lizzie McGuire is making a comeback. Hilary Duff herself shared the news over the weekend, sending millennial fans into a throwback frenzy. When we catch up with our favorite Disney Channel icon, she'll be working a fabulous creative job in the city and getting ready to celebrate her 30th birthday. Boy does time fly.

But while we wait for the reboot, which will air on Disney's new streaming platform Disney+, we can get our cool girl-plus-cartoon alter-ego fix with @ButLikeMaybe. NYC It Girl Arianna Margulis is the genius behind the "New Yorker Cartoons For Millennials," and she recently announced the release of her first book, But Like Maybe Don’t: What Not To Do When Dating, An Illustrated Guide, available for pre-order now.

If updated Lizzie is even half as cool (and #relatable) as Arianna, we're in for a treat. Click through for some of her latest cartoon adventures.