And I'm not going to lie, it's creeping me the fuck out.

Patricia Hearst leads a very beautiful, privileged life. Her summer has been spent traveling all around the country it seems, taking in and documenting the sights, and then some. Between all the quaint, picturesque shots of small-town America, the heiress can't help but keep photographing the bugs she's met along the way.

At first, I thought the occasional up close spider shot appearing in my feed was just a weird one-off. Something gross I shouldn't have had to look at once, and definitely won't have to be surprised by 20 more times in the coming weeks.

But oh, was I wrong. After much investigation, I still have zero idea as to what it is that has drawn Miss Hearst to her penchant for insect photography, with her Arachnid of The Day series, and collection of photos of dead bugs. But beyond that, I can't help but wonder how she's around so many bugs all the time? Does she go looking for them specifically? And what about all the dead bugs? Is she like running around town with a fly swatter in the name of art? 

I gesture now to you to find out for yourselves, and to dig into this very bizarre habit of an otherwise normal rich woman, you know, with a what-the-fuck crazy past.

Click through for those who dare face the creepy crawly shots.

[Photo via Getty]