It's hard out there for millennials. We can't buy houses because of avocado toast, we can't find love because of dating apps, and we're basically responsible for killing every industry on the planet. Whoops.

Add to that the challenges of adulting and the inevitable quarter life crisis that'll haunt us through our early 30s, and, needless to say, the struggle is real. But hey, at least we have a sense of humor about it.

Enter Quarter Life Poetry, a hilarious project by writer, doodler, and actress Samantha Jayne. Her Instagram account (which boasts over 130,000 followers) is full of quippy, one-off rhymes about the day-to-day lives of the young, anxious, and social media obsessed - a.k.a. us. Let's just say no one has ever made us laugh, cry, and sigh so eloquently.

Click through for a preview!

[Photos via @quarterlifepoetry]