Everything old is new again, even when it comes to Instagram filters.

And no, we're not talking about the return of Kelvin or borders, thank god. Go a bit further back. Like, disposable camera back.

After the dawning of the age of photo-editing apps, It Girls and influencers decidedly abandoned the built-in features of their favorite platform, opting instead for the more customizable likes of VSCO or Afterlight. But now even they have been replaced by the nostalgic new kid on the block: HUJI.

Over the past few months, you may have noticed that more and more of the photos on your feed appear highly saturated and slightly blurred around the edges, boasting light-effect imperfections as well as a digitized date along the side - all à la the old school disposable. Hey, there's a reason HUJI looks like FUJI.

Everyone from Gigi and Zayn to Selena Gomez and Kourtney Kardashian have been making use of the app these days, along with plenty of fashionistas and party girls. We mean, it definitely upgrades that plain ol' Girls Night Out pic.

While HUJI is free to download, it comes with a catch; just like a real disposable camera, you can only take photos through a tiny viewfinder. However, there is a 99-cent option which allows you to import and edit snaps already in your camera roll. You can add random light effects, as well as manage the date display - have it automatically add today's date, today's date but in 1998 (chic), or no date at all - you know, to keep people wondering.

Sure, you and everyone else will probably get sick of the aesthetic soon enough, but for now, indulge in some of our favorite cool kids taking it back to the '90s.

[Photo via @peaceloveshea]