Perhaps you're one of those people who say they can "quit when they want to." Maybe you claim to only have an Instagram for work, but, for sure, you'd delete it in a heartbeat. You, like me, probably maintain that you are definitely not addicted to a silly little square icon inside your phone. 

It's easy to lie to yourself until shit hits the fan and everyone's favorite love-to-hate (and hate-to-love) little photo application is down. Like really down. Like you might actually have to call and check in with your influencer friends to talk them down from the ledge (i.e. creating a chat room on Clubhouse). 

Whether you're "like totally chill" about the whole thing or are shamelessly suffering from double-tap withdrawals, chances are you have gone or are currently going through the 10 stages of Instagram outage grief. It's ok, guys - we'll get through this together.

[Photos via Unsplash]