Remember Tom?

Long before you had thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter, and even before you accepted your first racist high school classmate on Facebook, Tom was there for you. In fact, for a brief moment in time, Tom was your only friend - on Myspace, that is.

Tom Anderson, better known as "Tom from Myspace," co-founded the major social networking site in 2003, sold it for $580 million in 2005, and has since tried and failed to create a baseball team for some reason. Nevertheless, his current net worth is hovering around $60 mil, and we recently wondered how he's been spending it.

Ironically enough, we looked him up on Instagram, and you'll be happy to know that everyone's internet BFF is currently living his best life. @myspacetom has over 586,000 followers and his account is so, so pure. His bio reads: "Former 1st friend, enjoying being retired. Phototaking has been my hobby for 4 years. New mission 2 help others & engage! 😀"

Aw, Tom! Like any good-natured, non-sociopathic millionaire, Tom is currently making the most of his fortune by traveling the world and seriously owning that little photography hobby of his. His feed is filled with gorgeous shots of exotic locations and happy captions about his camera techniques. We really could not be more pleased.

Click through for a look at what Tom's been up to!

[Photo via Getty]