By now most of us are probably up-to-date with Instagram's latest feature, Reels, the snippet-length videos that are just a straight-up rip-off of TikTok. Not that we're complaining, of course, because we hated not being privy to all those TikTok trends but were also never planning on downloading a whole new app. So besides being a total copycat move, it's also really convenient.

Now, needless to say, in the days since Reels was launched, influencers and IG stars have already begun to make the most of the new feature, seamlessly integrating it into their on-brand content. We finally understand why this concept is so addicting. 

From skincare to street style, hair hacks to mental health, click through for some of our favorite Reels-fluencers so far!

[Photo via @jessicawang]