And I don't mean @marthastewart, the crafty voice of the hefty media and retail empire (which has 1.8 million followers). I mean @marthastewart48, the unfiltered, poorly lit, take it as it is account run by the 77-year-old icon herself (which has only 272K followers!).

For the woman with countless TV shows, books, magazines, and blogs (hell, even her dogs had a blog), it's not as if she's desperate for more platforms to reach the masses and preach her delightful entertaining tips. But unlike her many other endeavors, there is no production team or editors pushing post. Instead, it's just Martha. A rare glimpse into a truly unscripted, indifferent, magical life.

Sometimes she'll post the same photo twice, the exact same thing right after the other, but with different text. Sometimes she'll take a picture of a dish that just looks inedible. Sometimes she'll take a picture of a dish that looks amazing. She'll post her prize-winning chow chow pups, sideways shots of menus or upside down farm animals, chic floral arrangements, shockingly blurry photos of her on a horse - even a selfie.

In some ways, it's clear that Martha has no idea how to use Instagram. But just as true is the fact that she's almost certainly the best there is. If you think she posts a photo and then checks back to see how many likes it got - you're crazy. If you think she writes a caption and reads it through a second time before posting - you're crazy. She's a hyper busy lady with all the shit to do. And best of all, she really doesn't care for your approval.

Click through for some of her personal gems.