Flying High: Meals From The First Class

by Rachelle Hruska · February 23, 2011

    "Krug a-lug-lug, JewJetting thug." Have you ever wondered what it's like to fly first class internationally? Well, it's pretty great. Thankfully, Justin Ross Lee has documented  every meal he was served on his latest trip through Asia. Check out what flying high tastes like....

    Whether you are about to ride on a first class flight and need inspiration on what to order, or, you don't have any plans of flying first class, ever, JRL has had every single dish offered on airlines ranging from Lufthansa to Ana Air. These plates sure beat the snack pack I bought LAX--->NYC yesterday on United!

    As always, quotations are JRL's own via Facebook:


    Saffron scallops | saffron tomato fish sauce | mushrooms | cherry tomatoes | black noodles

    Ossetra caviar | classic garlish | toast melba

    Caviar Czar

    Medallion of lobster and scallop with pistachio and vinagar sauce

    Beef tenderloin steak | madeira portwine | raspberry sauce | sugar snap peas | carrots | baked potato | 2004 Château Gruaud Larose

    Crab meat and avocado salad "crown" style

    Shusai: Simmered kelp grouper with rape blossom

    Sliced raw sea bream | snow crab

    Kaiseki cuisine: Nimonowan | Takiawase | Wagashi

    De Venoge Champagne Blanc de Blancs 2002

    Katsuyama Akatsuki

    ANA goes all the way

    Zensai: Grilled flat fish, Japanese parsley with cod roe

    Lufthansa issued JewJetting Polo

    Pastry filled with herb cream cheese, olives, sun-dried tomato | Canapés with porcini marinated roast beef garnished by spiced bell pickle

    Roasted butternut squash soup with garlic herb croutons

    Spring cornish game hen | rosemary sauce served with Brussels sprouts and rösti

    Carré of Mousse au Chocolat served with orange sauce | Johnny Walker Blue Label

    Grilled lamb chops | mixed vegtables with truffle oil | rice

    Scrambled eggs made to order | fresh squeezed orange juice | Ossetra caviar

    FC PJ's and Perrier-Jouët, 100% JewJetting all in a day

    Keep in mind, these are only a small fraction of the photos available for you to devour over at JRL's Facebook page HERE: [JRL Fbook]