JRL Not One To Get Stuck In An Ice Storm...

by Rachelle Hruska · February 1, 2011

    ...So the fame baller has gotten the hell out of dodge and gone back to "JewJetting" in this first class suite in typical Justin Ross Lee style. Ridic. I love it!

    [Who the heck is Justin Ross Lee "JRL"?!]

    His adventures continue through Asia. Please note: the captions under all photos are his not mine.

    "Stairway to JewJet. Beijing-Tokyo"

    "JewJetting Goes Commie"

    When I board a plane, the first thing I like to do is introduce myself. I walk right into that cockpit to make sure it'll fit.

    "Madrid-Barajas Int'l"

    "$10.99 per minute but feel free to drunk dial the operator."