Seriously, Justin Ross Lee?

by Chiara Atik · July 27, 2010

    We should know better than to look through Justin Ross Lee's ever-expanding Facebook page; it just makes our head explode. But why should we have to suffer alone? Join as as we browse through some of his most recent exploits. Maybe you can even help us answer the question we keep asking: "Seriously, Justin Ross Lee?"-

    Seriously, Justin Ross Lee? You made this your facebook profile pic?

    Seriously Vivo Soap? You chose JRL, in a shower with four girls for your commercial? For soap? Don't you want us to associate your product with "clean"?

    Seriously, Justin Ross Lee? You freeze-framed your accidental cameo on "True Life: I Had Plastic Surgery"? And then posted it on Facebook?

    Seriously, Justin Ross Lee? That's what you wore to Bridgehampton Polo?

    Seriously, Wayne Diamond? Just.....seriously?

    Seriously, Person Who Took This Picture? Why are you even there?

    Seriously, Justin Ross Lee? This is what you do on your nights off?

    Seriously, Justin Ross Lee? You captioned this picture "Cruise Juize"?

    Seriously, Jamie France, Who Is In A Bunch Of Pictures With JRL And Who We Secretly Suspect Is Dating Him: JRL? Really? You went to Penn!