Save for, of course, Love Actually (and even THAT movie can get on my nerves depending on my love life), holiday-themed ensemble films are usually, by definition, the worst. I mean, Valentine's Day? Mother's Day? New Year's Eve? Not even the titles are original, not to mention the sappy storylines. But, with the '80s back in style and everything, it's time we talk about a severely underrated flick, produced in the '90s obviously, and featuring the likes of a mutton-chopped Paul Rudd, a fabulous-as-always Courtney Love, and a Long Island-accented Christina Ricci in the world's most coveted coat. 200 Cigarettes, set on New Year's Eve in New York City, 1981, is rife with sartorial inspiration for your next crazy night out, and oh yeah, also stars Ben Affleck, Kate Hudson, and Dave Freakin' Chappelle. It's relatively easy to find online (RIP Blockbuster), so Google it immediately! In the meantime though, click through for some of the title's awesomely glamorous looks - cigarettes included.

[Photo via Twitter]