Ben Vs Casey: Who Is The More Talented Affleck?

by BILLY GRAY · September 17, 2010

    Unlike many famous relatives, the Brothers Affleck seem to get along famously. They've co-starred in three movies and avoided public acrimony. And both directed just released films--Ben's The Town and Casey's I'm Still Here. Now, in hopes of igniting a family feud, let's decide who comes out on top. Some comparisons:

    Movies: Ben Affleck's The Town , a Bahston-set crime drama vs Casey's I'm Still Here, a non-fiction (or is it?) record of pal Joaquin Phoenix's mind going to seed and body to flesh. Actually, Casey just surprised very few people by saying the whole thing was a hoax.

    Critical Receptions: 92% Rotten Tomatos rating for The Town vs 57% for I'm Still Here. (You can read my thoughts on I'm Still Here here.)

    Release Date: The Town opens today, and it opens wide. This means people outside New York and LA--and in Boston--will buy tickets. I'm Still Here opened last Friday, and it opened limited. This means people in New York and LA will see it out of obligation to their self-perceived sophistication, and maybe give it an air of prestige.

    Tabloid Buzz: Ben And (Town Co-Star) Blake Lively Cheating?! vs Joaquin Phoenix Having A Meltdown!?

    Cast: The Town's heavy-hitting ensemble, which includes Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm and, well, Blake Lively doing her best "park the car in Harvard Yard" accent vs. I'm Still Here's bizarre medley of celebrity cameos, which includes P. Diddy, Ben Stiller and...Edward James Olmos.

    At first glance, Ben's movie emerges as the clear victor. However, even after Gone Baby Gone, his debut directing triumph, the elder Affleck (38 to Casey's 35) continues to seek career redemption for sins ranging from Armageddon to dating Jennifer Lopez.

    But, no, I'll still say that Ben wins this battle, if not the war. And I'd like to encourage Casey to stick with acting, where he has excelled way beyond his older bro. Or at least direct a movie where it's clear if people are acting or not.

    [via Chris Pizzello/AP]