David Lynch Still Loves Us, Wishes We'd Stop Stressing...

by MADDY MADISON · May 6, 2008

    David LynchAh, yes. That wily, crazy-eyed, weather-loving savant David Lynch has sent us all another love letter to New York, signed Davey L. This time, Lynch sat down with the Observer to discuss the profound affect transcendental meditation has had on his life and, of course, the book he recently released. And, no, chanting Ohmmm at tonight's crowded New York Sports Club class is just not the same thing. Listing his New York routine (he lives most of the time in L.A.) as stuffing his face with egg salad sandwiches, the famed director and professional eccentric thinks our fair little metropolis has aged pretty well:

    "Yeah, I like New York. I wouldn't want to live here, but it's very inspiring. For me, New York's more of a painting town. I get fired up about painting. I like SoHo. That's, my favorite area. And New York has changed a lot. I find people are more and more friendly here. It used to be frightening for me to walk down the street. Now I feel that New Yorkers kind of love one another and support one another. It's a different feeling here and I just think it's gotten so much better."

    Looming signs of the Lynch-themed apocalypse ahead: He mentions that he'd like to start "universities of peace" across the globe while, no doubt, shilling his own drink, complete with a giant Lynchian face plastered on the side.

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