How did you first connect with Marianna Palka on "Egg"? You've previously mentioned that you had read the script years ago. How did it come full circle?

My husband and I had done a reading of “Egg” as a stage play over 10 years ago and it stuck with us. We bumped into Risa [Mickenberg] (the writer) on a ferry from Kismet (really) and she had just seen "Equity" ( which I also produced and starred in) and she loved it. She said she just adapted “Egg” as a screenplay, "would I want to read it?" The universe clearly wanted me to make this movie.

In looking for directors, we insisted on only women (natch). I saw Marianna’s work (“Bitch,” “Good Dick") and then saw interviews with her, and in them fell in love with her intelligence, wisdom, compassion and beautiful spirit that come through in her work and humanity. Then in person we fell in love at first meet!

[Photo via Gravitas Ventures]

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