It's 2019 and - finally - families don't look like they used to. Womanhood doesn't look like it used to. We're free from archaic societal norms and expectations. We're not looked at sideways if we put off having children, or decide not to at all.

Or are we?

In Egg, directed by Marianna Palka (and produced with a 70% female crew), this supposed social shift is explored through the reunion of two former art school classmates, and expectant mothers, Tina and Karen (played by Alysia Reiner and Christina Hendricks, respectively). Whereas Tina has employed a surrogate as part of a rage-against-the-patriarchy art project, Karen is happily pregnant and married to wealthy Don (portrayed by Reiner's real-life husband, David Alan Basche) - the picture of a 1950s ideal. When the two come together, their values clash - but who's to say whose path is "right"?

We caught up with Reiner, who's also a co-producer of the film and, incidentally, a badass social activist, to talk feminism, motherhood, and the importance of confronting the hard stuff and living your own truth.

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[Photo via Gravitas Ventures]