Films in Tompkins Square


    Tompkins Square Movies[Image via filmsintompkins]

    A welcome trend across our fair city is the growing number of outdoor movie offerings.  But in the heat we're suffering through now, not everyone might want to ride a crowded subway to Bryant Park or Brooklyn. Luckily, Films In Tompkins has brought cinema al fresco to the East Village.

    Through the end of September, the organizers will be showing what I would call 'recent classics' every other week in the Park.  Just last week, I saw Batman Begins, with the added bonus of free Dark Knight Reeses and a showing of the full trailer for The Dark Knight.

    The next movie will be Better Off Dead, an early John Cusack gem (IMHO) on July 30th, with The Graduate, Stand by Me, and The Shining among others to follow. The gates open at 6pm each movie night, with the films starting at sundown.  Pack a picnic supper, and I'll see you there to cheer on Lane Meyer!

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    Written by Chris Confessore