George Clooney To Host Next Year's Oscars?

by BILLY GRAY · March 12, 2010

    Lady Kanye aside, interesting moments at the Oscars were fewer and further between than James Cameron movies. So it makes sense that focusing on a bored-looking George Clooney was all bored people could do from falling asleep. And next year, viewers might be seeing a whole lot more of him.

    So George wasn't so much disinterested in the ceremony as on the verge of passing out from the numerous swigs he took from his trusty red carpet hip flask. How can you not like this guy? But I prefer to imagine he was conveying his disapproval of the show's masters of ceremonies Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin.

    Because according to embalmed NYC gossip queen Liz Smith, he's gunning for the Academy's cherished (and often disastrous) hosting gig.

    It's a rumor I'm happy to hear. Just imagine the humor and suaveness Clooney would inject into the moribund marathon. Batman and Robin jokes. Maybe even a cameo from that movie's fabled nipple-defining codpiece. Digging into the ER archives, jabs about his Doug Ross character reviving the broadcast with a defibrillator, or slicing it open with a scalpel.There would be about 91 cuts to his random, fameless girlfriend du jour, proving once again Hollywood's unrivaled star-making power.

    Some bad would come with the good: Clooney's best pal Julia Roberts would undoubtedly bray her way through the show in support of a friend. But as long as Roberts is there in that capacity and not as a nominee for the upcoming Eat, Pray, Love shlock-fest, I'll put up with her.

    (Photo Courtesy of Jezebel)