by Rachelle Hruska · April 14, 2008

    infamousMonths after Bennett Miller directed Capote, the movie in which Philip Seymour Hoffman won all sorts of awards (including an Oscar) for his portrayal of Truman Capote, Infamous was produced. It was a movie with the exact same story line: Truman Capote's life around the time of his writing of In Cold Blood. Many may question why Douglas McGrath felt the need to do yet another Truman Capote film so close to the first (how he got Sandra Bullock, Siguorney Weaver, Daniel Craig, and Gwenyth Paltrow to hop on board is another mystery), but there is little question that his Capote, Toby Jones pulled off a better adaptation of the writer.

    "A strange one this - Capote is a superior picture but Toby Jones is the superior Capote." -Richard Luck

    How unfortunate for Jones that his film on the legendary writer came out just a little bit after Hoffman's. No one ever said Hollywood was an easy ride, though it is sad that movies like Infamous tend to get lost in the whirlwind. If interested, check it out on HBO in demand, where I discovered the gem this Sunday afternoon.