Is the Chilean Miners Movie The New "Social Network"

by Ross Kenneth Urken · October 18, 2010

    So...the Chilean miners rescue, that dramatic narrative that captivated millions, strikes us as a particularly New York tale in that its concrete 700-meters deep subterranean jungle has created dreams of movie deals and commercialized fortune. Is Copiapo, Chile the new Big Apple?

    Please...The answer is ultimately hellz no. But a few mind-boggling (read: scary) connections ring dangerously close to hope if we apply these South American yarns to a New York context and make this tale's fanfare reminiscent of the hype surrounding this fall's The Social Network,

    For example, this dude Reinaldo Sepulveda, a veritable David Fincher, brought such choreographed televised coverage to the coverage--framed dramatizations and all.

    Then there's the capitalistic urge, the money intrigue here, to sell the rescue capsule as "contemporary art" for over a million smackeroos...

    [The Miners in their' $180 Oakleys. It's about to get even brighter for them...]

    Then there's the free vaycay for the miners... to a "Greek Island of their choice," Korea, and even Graceland. Elvis lives...

    Naturally, there's the hammed-up sexual deviant scandal of one miner (the ainsi-dit Casanova Nurse) whose wife and mistress damn near came to blows over the scandal and who may, it turns out, have yet another inamorata. This has all the makings of a great screen play...

    And that's a reality: the miners had a legally-binding profit-sharing contract (for movie rights, etc.) sent down the tube while they were still way deep underground.

    From their fashion-forward eyewear to their conniving marketing schemes, the miners leave us only with one appropriate tagline: Punk. Genius. Miner.