Pee-Wee is coming BACK!!!!

by guestofaguest · December 12, 2007


    God I have such fond memories of Pee-Wee's playhouse. Is that fucked up? Oh, I don't care, how great, by the way were his Christmas specials? There are a whole bunch of them up on YouTube, but the one I remember the most is when Charo was on singing "Feliz Navidad"...does anyone else remember this? I had that song in my head from that day forward and everytime I hear it I think back to this episode (shown above). Also, LOVED Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, the movie where he goes on a journey to find his stolen bike "I know you are but what am I"...."Francis!".... "La LA LA, La La La"...god he's great. I was so sad when he got thrown in jail, (though my parents never told me why and I didn't find out until adulthood-GROSS!) Still, I mean it's like Michael Jackson...the guy has major issues but it doesn't mean I can't enjoy his music right?

    Anyway, Paul Reuben, the man behind the Pee-Wee announced that he has TWO feature films in the works! He told MTV that: "I feel like the time is really ripe right now. A lot of the kids who grew up with the show are young adults. The college kids are middle-aged adults. I feel like I have enough of a built-in audience to make back an investment." One of the films would be a continuation of the play house show but would take the characters out of the house for the first time into "puppet land". The other one would be a film following Pee-Wee on his quest for a music career. Can the 55 year old (!) Reuben pull it off? If not, he has debated using Johnny Depp for the character which would be amazing! Either way, I am tuning in to all news Pee-Wee for awhile