Rihanna Gives Us A First Look At "Oceans 8"

by Christie Grimm · January 30, 2017

    "You could never put together a heist of women, does that make sense? Like Ocean's 11 with women wouldn't work. Cause two would keep breaking off to talk shit about the other 9." While we definitely see your point John Mulaney - and trust, this will definitely be a narrative piece - who can't wait for the lady-power-packed film Oceans 8?!

    This morning, the world and lucky fangirls everywhere was treated to, as Rihanna put it, a "First looQ at #Oceans8. Coming summer 2018."

    While there have been many paparazzi photos circulating from the set, this is pretty much the perfect picture. You've got to love how badass these ladies look. 

    Only thing we think when looking at this shot, aside from how fab everyone looks - Sandra Bullock what on Earth are you doing sitting down on the subway in a white fur coat!?!? Did you think it was too clean? Too white? Not enough bed bugs? Get it together.

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