The Social Network Trailer Is, Uhm, Intense

by Chiara Atik · July 15, 2010

    The full trailer for The Social Network has finally been released, and it is way more intense than you'd expect for a movie about Facebook. We felt like we were watching Amadeus or something equally tragic, but no, it's just Mark Zuckerberg. Oh, and our boss, Cameron.-



    For those of you who weren't aware, GofG's publisher, Cameron Winklevoss, and his twin brother Tyler Winklevoss are characters in the movie. Which must be pretty surreal. In the movie, the Winklevii are played by Armie Hammer. On the casting choice, Cameron had this to say:

    "Armie Hammer is too good looking to play Tyler, but he'll do fine for me."

    Recently, the brothers had the opportunity to check out filming at The Henley Royal Regatta and meet their cinematic counterparts.

    Still from the trailer:

    And from real life:

    Check out the full trailer below, and more pictures from The Social Network at The Henley Royal Regatta here!