The "Nerd Alert" Report...

by Rachelle Hruska · April 9, 2009

    Nintendo Co., Ltd President Satoru Iwata and software creator Shigeru Miyamoto hold the company's DSi during the press conference at the Foreign Correspondents' Club in Japan on April 9, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. Nintendo Wii console and DS handhelds are outselling competitors and expect a healthy profit despite current global recession. [Zimbio]

    The Schwinn Tailwind Bicycle is here just in time for Spring.  It has all the features of a well equipped commuter bike, but comes with an integrated electric motor that makes this two-wheeler a moto-assisted bicycle. Price tag? $3,200! [Gizmodo]

    Seesmic just launched a desktop application for twitter support with multiple accounts. Built for use on both Mac's and PC's. But how does it add up to tweetdeck and nambu? [Seesmic]

    It's GPICT day over in Tumblr land. That means "Gratuitous Public Interest Campaign Thursday," not to be confused with GPOYW "Gratuitous Photo Of Yourself Wednesday" of course. Check out today's. [Charitini]

    What is going on with the Journalism School Enrollment Applications? Who in their right mind would want to major in  JOURNALISM these days??!  Beats us. Rob Fishman may have some answers. [Huff Po]

    Digg launches a new search mechanism today. Kevin Rose must be giddier than the day he helped Julia Allison brand herself. Apparently there is "99.987% Less Suck" involved. Really? Who talks like that?! [Digg]

    Apparently there's a new "Revenge of the Fallen" CGI character images online.  There is actually an entire album from the upcoming film that gives a sneak-peak at some of the new robots that will appear in the film. Knock yourselves out [Flickr via Dan Hacker]