The "Nerd Alert" Report...

by Rachelle Hruska · April 13, 2009

    He's BAAACK! So this happened around 2:10 of Jakob Lodwick's latest Vimeo. Add this to the: What.was.he.thinking?! files.  This is what I will be showing my children when they ask how micro fame balls were created on the Internet in the early '00s.  Also, can Jakob and Julia just get back together already and stop acting like they're SOOO different? [Jakob Lodwick's Vimeo]

    Good Tweets vs. Bad Tweets. Here's a great guide to show your non tech friends who are trying to jump on the Twitter bandwagon. [Slideshare]

    Will projector phones be the future cell phone craze? The Samsung Show is set for release in South Korea this month and runs  Samsung's ubiquitous TouchWiz platform, and it packs DLP-based pico projector tech from TI.  The projector can be used to view media stored in phone memory, pull up mobile TV via Korea's T-DMB airwaves, or simply project light, a function luddites may know better as a "flashlight."[Engadget]

    Will we all be using Friend Feed in the near future? [Tech Crunch]

    These folding felt laptop sleeves by Redmaloo look like an awesome way to keep your laptop warm, "in hues that make me think 1960s Europe (or maybe just Austin Powers)" Cost=$140 [Gizmodo]

    "I certainly hope NASA does the right thing. Just kidding. I hope they name it after me." NASA will be announcing the name of the module, which viewers voted to be called "Colbert" on the Steven Colbert report this Tuesday. [AP]

    There's a Twitter worm, named Mickeyy that is plaguing the website the last couple of days! The worm has already reincarnated himself 4 times! After several Twitter users FREAKED out in a frenzied panic, the site apparently has killed the little guy and has everything under control. [Tech Crunch]

    "AirBnB looks too good to be true! You pay to rent a place to sleep around the world for a night or two. It’s a capitalist CouchSurfing." -Jakob Lodwick [AriBnB]